Rooootsman party!! Artically, culturally, radically…is a musical Iration yu zimme.I am proud to release this special audio to show the world that roots reggae scene IN Jamaica is not dead…just not publicized.Let me introduce for those that dont know the Kingston Dub Club hosted by Gabre Selassie of the Rockers Sound Station.Gabre has been holding down roots man party stylee for quite some time in Kingston.Every sunday you can check out Gabre @ 7b Skyline rd in Kingston.Free Admission just support the bar an hold a spot.When you visit the Kingston Dub Club you will see why its probably one of the best kept secrets in Jamaica for quite some time now.You can also check out the stream broadcasting live from the Dub Club Every Sunday @ This is the only party for ones who want to listen the roots reggae dub vibrations in Jamrock.In support of this event I will feature the audios every month on the site because it is I man duty and honor to spread vibes like this around the world.So if you want a copy to burn to cd for your car…you know where to find me.Fulljoy wid a spliff an a bottle of roots my friends!

*** I left out the dubplate juggling by i&i Worldwide because you can here them on his brand new mixtape Reggae Aroma Vol 2.Will post the cd here tomorrow.Big up the boss Rory Yaadcore aka i&i Worldwide!***

Here are some pics of the venue.This mural was done by the artist Mau Mau…check out his work HERE.




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